Subject: Conclusion: Re: ftp transfer speed anomaly
To: None <>
From: Space Case <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/20/1998 00:02:16
On Dec 18, 10:01pm, "John F. Woods" wrote:
[I wrote:]
>> An additional data point -- my Q650, running MacOS 8.1, transfers in both
>> directions at ~270KB/sec.  At this point, I suspect the most likely answer
>> is that the Win98 box is breaking it on the way out.  I do have another
>> enet card (different manuf/model) that I can try in it.
>Definitely try that; also see if you can change your Ethernet hub (or even
>plug the W98 box into the NetBSD box directly with a crossover cable).

It definitely was the ethernet card.  I went out today and bought a full
10BaseT network setup, and plugging into the TP port, the speed went up by
a factor of 10, to 55KB/sec.  I then replaced the card (Encore ESL-835-TB
with RealTek 8029 chip) with a LinkSys Etherfast 10/100 (which doesn't have
a 10Base2 connector, which is why I wasn't using it in the first place).

The upload speed picked up to near download speed (600KB/sec, while the
gateway was compiling X...).

I dunno if it is an Encore or RealTek problem, but I recommend against
that card.

Case closed, happy ending.

Thanks all, for the help.

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