Subject: Re: kernel mem allocator, was: Interface detach branch
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Dave Cherkus <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/19/1998 09:10:26
Matt Thomas writes:
|> At 08:01 PM 12/18/98 , Paul Newhouse wrote:
|> >
|> >Sure, in a debug kernel.  I was talking about the performance kernel 
|> >clients use in the field.  The "use after freeing" bugs NEVER show up
|> >in pre-release testing.  *8^)))

Well, *never* is a big word.  The odds of encountering this class of
problem will go up as smp is introduced into netbsd, because with smp
there is a much better chance of something using that memory the
instant you free it.

These features have a performance cost, but they are enabled by the
flags Matt mentions below so you can only turn on the things you want.

|> Actually not.  You patch some flags in the kernel and reboot.  No
|> kernel reboots needed.

You meant to say 'rebuild' instead of 'reboot' in that last case.

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