Subject: Re: ftp transfer speed anomaly
To: Space Case <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/19/1998 03:22:18
On Dec 18,  5:39pm, Space Case wrote:
} On Dec 18, 11:20am, "John F. Woods" wrote:
} >You might have cabling problems that are corrupting packets from the Win98 box,
} >although that seems less than likely if the Ethernet checksum is OK.  You
} Wouldn't that affect data going the other way, too?  Downloads to the Win98
} box average 900KB/sec.

     With 10baseT/UTP / 100baseTX, two pairs are used in the cable,
one for transmit, and one for receive.  It is possible that only one
of the pairs in the cable is bad.  Quite often, this can be due to a
bad crimp.  If you have a good crimper, or know somebody that does,
you might want to try recrimping all the connectors.  Another possible
problem is that your hub has a bad transmitter or a bad receiver on
just one port.  Try moving the connectors to different ports.

}-- End of excerpt from Space Case