Subject: Re: ftp transfer speed anomaly
To: None <>
From: Richard Earnshaw <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/18/1998 11:11:42
> In message <>, Space Case writes:
> >This is just so wierd.  I have this 250MB file that I transferred from my
> >PC running NetBSD (1.3I, 11/26/98) to my PC running WinBlows 98.  The speed
> >was a respectable 860KB/second.  I decided I needed to send it the other
> >way (Win98 -> NetBSD) and got a dismal 4.8KB/second.  Any ideas on what
> >might cause this or how to track it down?
> Well, you might check for rfc1323 compatability... but I've seen similar
> (but not as dramatic) problems before where just, for whatever reason,
> one direction is really slow.  Never bothered to track it down, I'm too
> lazy.
> -s

I've no idea whether this is related, but I've seen some very weird 
behaviour from the NetBSD ftp client when I try to use it over a ppp link 
and then through a firewall out into the internet.  During login the 
client can just hang, particularly when a large login message is being 
sent (such as the one on the NetBSD site).