Subject: Re: ftp transfer speed anomaly
To: Space Case <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/18/1998 00:08:52
>This is just so wierd.  I have this 250MB file that I transferred from my
>PC running NetBSD (1.3I, 11/26/98) to my PC running WinBlows 98.  The speed
>was a respectable 860KB/second.  I decided I needed to send it the other
>way (Win98 -> NetBSD) and got a dismal 4.8KB/second.  Any ideas on what
>might cause this or how to track it down?

When that happened with my trusty iMac, I eventually discovered (using
netstat -i) that there were tons of ethernet packet errors as received
by the NetBSD box.  At first I suspected limited receive buffers in the
NetBSD ethernet card; eventually I came to suspect bad wiring (!) and
after re-doing the temporary Ethernet cabling I had done, the problem
disappeared.  Eventually, after a little more re-cabling, it resurfaced,
and now my favorite explanation is a poor-quality Dayna ethernet hub:
the problem does not happen with a Farallon hub instead (rather annoying,
since the Farallon hub I had handy has only 4 ports to the Dayna's 8...).
(Eventually the Dayna flaked out entirely, refusing to pass any packets,
tending to confirm the diagnosis.)

Anyway, start with netstat -i to see if you're getting tons of corrupted
packets.  (Actually, it won't be tons; each bad packet causes a long pause.)