Subject: NFS mounts
To: None <>
From: C Kane <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/16/1998 18:11:10

Doing an NFS mount under NetBSD-1.3I/i386 seems to be rather slow.
It's certainly somewhat slower than HP-UX but Linux performs
best of all.  

Has anyone else experienced similar results?  Any ideas where the
slowness might be?

On a separate but related note, NetBSD uses a reserved socket port
by default for NFS mounts.  Is this the default on commercial UNIXes
as well?  Does each mount point get its own port?  How many ports
are there?  Should I be able to have over 1024 simultaneous NFS mounts
without using the "-p" flag (its failing at about 512 mounts without
it)?  I don't have this limit with HP-UX.

-- Chuck