Subject: Re: sendmail licensing again
To: None <>
From: Ronald Khoo <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/12/1998 02:58:39
> I suspect sendmail
> 8.9.1 will probably go into /usr/src/gnu at some point,

Along with cron, perhaps ?  Do you mean that /usr/src/gnu
will be re-classified  something along the lines of

Index: /usr/src/share/man/man7/hier.7

*** 541,546 ****
--- 541,554 ----
  .It Sy games/
  source for utilities/files in
  .Pa /usr/games
+ .It Sy gnu/
+ A hierarchy similar to
+ .Pa /usr/src
+ for sources to software whose source must be provided together
+ with binary distributions under some or all circumstances.
+ This includes, but is not limited to software provided
+ by the Free Software Foundation, or licensed under their
+ General Public License.
  .It Sy include/
  source for files in
  .Pa /usr/include

This would be a useful change IMO.  (Both the reclassification
and the documenteation, I mean :-)