Subject: Re: rcs, ci, co, et al
To: Noriyuki Soda <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/11/1998 17:07:21
>> but rcs and co are not effective on a file that's not already in *my*
>> rcs repository.  and after i do the initial check-in, the keywords get
>> changed.
>No. the keywords are not changed by check-in.
>See the result of:
>	% ci the-file
>	% rcs -ko the-file
>	% co -l the-file
>	  (or, "co -u the-file")
>Am I misunderstanding your problem ?

no.  i'm just being a bonehead, that's all.  i was stuck on simply
using ci (which doesn't have -ko) and needed to be a bit more
flexible.  if, instead of doing

	ci -q -l -f -mtest -t-test testfile

for the initial check-in and then

	ci -q -l -f -mtest testfile

for each revision i check in, i change the first command to

	ci -q -f -mtest -t-test testfile
	rcs -ko testfile
	co -l testfile

then i can accomplish what i want.  of course, the second command
works just find as it is.

thank you for your patience.  :)

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