Subject: Re: aix7xxx problems with negotiating "Ultra" speeds....
To: NetBSD-current Discussion List <>
From: Guenther Grau <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/09/1998 22:22:45

Leo Weppelman wrote:
> > No, evaluate as to whether the technology and implementation is desirable
> > within NetBSD before someone goes to the substantial effort to get it into
> > NetBSD, only to find it doesn't meet with vox populi approval.

I strongly agree with this!

> I think Matthew is right here. A major undertaking like this should be
> backed by 'core'. I think that 'core' should state something like:
>   - if it performs at least as well as the current system
>   - if it works at least as well as the current system wrt. error
>     recovery, command handling etc.
> it will be accepted.


If above requirements are met, some more arguments for the CAM
integration :

o easier sharing drivers between FreeBSD and NetBSD
o same APIs in FreeBSD/NetBSD
o convergence of code between FreeBSD/NetBSD

FreeBSD/NetBSD shouldn't be trying to be just different. Instead we
try to work hand in hand, as much as possible.

And to some other mails concerning this topic:
Please don't bring up any arguments about who opposed the integration
of CAM when and why. This won't help. Things happened in the past the
way they happened. I found a nice quote on a web site which explains
best what we should do, IMHO:

Solve problems rather than assign blame.