Subject: NetBSD/i386 Nov 17(b) 1998 snapshot
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/09/1998 06:35:23

as some of you have noticed, the 19981117a snapshot had a bug
which caused sysinst to core-dump and fill the ramdisk.  I've
simply recompiled the ramdisk contents, and repackaged the boot
disks, and as far as I can see this particular problem is now
gone.  I won't go into my guesses as to why this failed...

I've thus rolled a 19981117b snapshot, which is available from

The sources this snapshot was built from is available in

As always, please report any bugs found.

BTW, I have a new snapshot waiting in the wings based on Dec 7
sources, so if you're thinking of upgrading and the above bug
doesn't bother you it might be a good idea to wait.  That to-be
announced snapshot should contain the fix for the "we" problem
(which turned out to be elsewhere), and a minor (?) fix to egcs,
which this one doesn't.

The 19981117a floppy images have been removed from the ftp area,
and the rest of the 19981117a snapshot will be removed sometime


- H=E5vard