Subject: Re: 100baseT ethernet card questions
To: None <>
From: Paul Newhouse <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/07/1998 20:47:49 writes:

>In message <>, Jason Thorpe writes:
>>People like Bay Networks (the people who make the NetGear line) didn't have
>>much of a choice.
>Not about whether or not to use the Digital chip, but nothing kept them
>from marketing the "new" FA-320TX, and telling people that the 310 was
>The alternative has been to silently screw people who want to buy a
>part based on a given chip, especially ones who want to use mail order.
>I had to spend at least an extra $20 getting ethernet cards recently
>because my only choice was to go to a store and look at boxes until
>I found a couple with Digital chipsets.  :(

I bought 5 a few months ago from the same mail order place and haven't
used them yet.  I just checked them; 2 are the 21140-AF and 3 are labeled:


I'm guessing this is the "crap" version?  Fortunately, I can reclaim two 
good 21140's from W95 boxes ... so I've only got one junker, yuck!