Subject: Re: Versioning?
To: Chris G. Demetriou <>
From: Trouble Free RecepPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/07/1998 17:10:40
Chris G. Demetriou sez:
 * "bumped minor" == "new branch from trunk."
 * "bumped teeny" == "new set of patches to an existing branch."
 * Way back before 1.3 was done, a branch was made in NetBSD's CVS tree.
 * 1.3 was released from the sources on that branch.  Subsequently, 1.3.1
 * and 1.3.2 were released from sources on that branch.  Similarly, 1.3.3
 * will be released from sources based on that branch.  The difference
 * between 1.3 and 1.3.2 or 1.3.3 should be describable by a relatively
 * short list (a few thousand lines) of change log entries/messages,
 * describing the changes from the main development code (the trunk) as
 * of the time the branch was made.
 * 1.4, on the other hand, will be cut from an entirely new branch on the
 * trunk.

This is why I don't do CM.  Thanks for the explanation.

 * I have no problem with your question, but I do take issue with the
 * apparent tone in which you asked your question.  You said:
 * > I notice we seem to be balking at calling the next release 1.4; we're
 * > calling it 1.3.3.  What comes out after that,
 * That could be phrased much more nicely, in particular it doesn't have
 * to:
 * 	use the royal we.  (last i checked, you weren't involved in
 * 	NetBSD release engineering, though if you'd like to spend a
 * 	lot of time doing what amounts to almost-thankless 'scut'
 * 	work, you certainly should feel free to volunteer 8-).

Sorry; I figured that since 'we' are using it, relying on it, and occasionally
contributing bugfixes in 'our' copious spare time, I was erroneously
speaking on behalf of everyone involved, meaning everyone from core on
down to the end user who sits and, uh, provides "constructive feeback".
Figuring the attitude of "we're all in it together" (and if you think
about it, we are), I took that point of view.

 * 	accuse the project refusing to proceed with a 1.4-ish release.
 * 	(you used the word 'balk,' and if you don't know what it means
 *         you should choose your words more, or perhaps less, carefully)

A "balk" is not "a refusal to proceed" but more "an extended hesitation".

 * 	make what sounds like it was intended as a sarcastic
 * 	suggestion about potential future version numbers.

My expression on the versioning was definitely in jest and meant more as
a prelude to my question.  Not quite cynical, but definitely on the far
side of wry.

I realise I may rub some feathers; that's a given -- if someone expresses
a point of view, _some_one's gonna take it the wrong way.  It has also
come to my attention, in a self-referential fashion, that I am outspoken,
perhaps even hasty or brash on occasion, and I do apologise for my
occasional lack of tact (that's why I'm also not in sales, marketing
or manglement).  Certainly I don't want to hit anyone in as offensive
a way as, apparently, another individual from a time long since passed
has done.  I don't need the grief.

With that long-winded explanation, please accept my apology on tone
of voice in the posing of the question, and please understand that
personally, I hold all the contributors to this project sincerely in
the highest regard.  I can't think of anything else out there that's
up-to-date with respect to the rest of the world that will run on a