Subject: Versioning?
To: None <>
From: Trouble Free RecepPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/07/1998 14:44:02
I notice we seem to be balking at calling the next release 1.4; we're
calling it 1.3.3.  What comes out after that,

Just curious.  I mean, what are the criteria for bumping the minor version
up as opposed to bumping / adding a branch ID?

We're currently at 1.3I [at least I am]; is this effectively 1.3.3 or
is it 1.3.2++?

...and does anyone have any idea what we'd be looking at for a 2.x release
as far as content goes?  I gather the changes would be pretty major for
that.  Judging by what I've seen us do so far, I cannot even fathom what
would bump us up or even if we could justify going to 2.x.  We've made
some pretty major changes in the system since 1.0 came out.  We'd have
to have the equivalent of an 8.0 earthquake through the entire system
in order to bump the major version, I think.

Again, just curiosity; please don't flame me for asking "stupid" questions
(a truly stupid question is one to which you already know the answer)...

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