Subject: Re: pkgsrc KDE hangs?
To: None <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/07/1998 14:32:03
Guenther Grau wrote:

[, about KFM hangs...]
> No. Which architecture, which compiler, ...?

Ah, yes, I guess I could have been more complete in my query 8-)

arch. is x86, compiler for kernel, X is EGCS.  I believe KDE was
built using EGCS as well, but I'll have to double-check that.  I'm
also runnning a wscons console.

> You could try to build a kernel with debugger and try to enter
> if when it happens. Is the machine on a network? If so, does it
> respond to a ping? If so, can you try to login? If so, which
> processes are running? Did you try it with a different X server?
> It might be that only the X server is frozen? ...? ...? :-)

The kernel has DDB and the magic enter-DDB-from-X option in the config
and I cannot get it to happen either way.  I also can't switch VTs when
this happens.  The machine is my laptop and is *not* on a network most
of the time, but I'll try and reproduce this when I'm at home sometime.

I haven't tried it with a different X server as I can't stand running
at low resolutions (esp on the LCD where I only get a corner of the
screen active), but maybe I'll try the mono VGA or VGA16 server at 
800x600 if I can get that to work (I probably need to rebuild X for
that, as I've only kept the SVGA server).


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