Subject: Re: Not building sendmail
To: None <>
From: maximum entropy <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/06/1998 06:11:59
>From: Simon Burge <>
>Date: Sun, 06 Dec 1998 13:07:22 +1100
>We already have a check for NO_SENDMAIL in usr.sbin/Makefile - is that
>not enough?  Maybe there's a way to extend this so that if you have a

I think this build flag should be documented in

I think also think that the bsd.README file should be rewritten as a
man page (e.g. "man mk.conf").  I know it has been discussed that
/etc/mk.conf is the Wrong Thing in many ways, but while it's in use
the documentation should be conveniently available (following the good
example of the options.4 man page).

I'm not sure what section would be appropriate for such a man page.
But while looking at the descriptions of the different sections, I
noted a smell typo:  /usr/src/share/man/man5/intro.5 contains the line
	.Dt INTRO 7
which should most likely read
	.Dt INTRO 5

I'm willing to submit patches/PR's to implement any or all of these
changes if they're the Right Thing.  At least the last one (and maybe
the first too) should be a very quick fix, if someone with CVS access
wants to just go in and fix it...

Any suggestions and comments are welcome.


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