Subject: Re: (KAME-snap 242) NetBSD: how to sync with current?
To: Erik Bertelsen <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/04/1998 13:58:34
>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Bertelsen <> writes:
    >>  Putting KAME into NetBSD repository will solve the problem (of
    >> course) but there are many issues for that: - we have to make
    >> KAME -Werror clean :-) - we need to think again about type of
    >> protosw[] and chained header processing, so that KAME can be
    >> more compatible with traditional 4.4BSD network stack.  - it
    >> needs NetBSD core team's agreement, of course.  I heard last
    >> spring that NetBSD is planning to go with INRIA IPv6
    >> distribution.  I see no move so far since then...

    Erik> Neither have I -- We have machines running with NetBSD and
    Erik> both the KAME and INRIA IPv6 software, and we just slowly
    Erik> learning both to know, but cannot give any well-founded

  I will be working on integrating KAME's IPsec (which is why I prefer
KAME to INRIA v6) into my NetBSD-intl CVS tree over the upcoming
holidays. I import -current into my tree approxiately once every two
weeks, sometimes more often. 

    Erik> To avoid delaying NetBSD 1.4 further, I suspect that it is
    Erik> not realistic to do this before 1.4 has been released.

  Just the same, we the more work we do now, the better, and I have
need for the code.

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