Subject: Tape Re: Amanda backups: gtar or dump?
To: John Nemeth <>
From: Tom T. Thai <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/30/1998 13:24:48
speaking of tape, it got this HP1533a scci tape that I used twice, in over
4 years.  Recently I tried it again and it rewind the tape to the begin
and then fails and ejects the tape.  When I pull out the tape, there is
like 1 inch of the tape hanging lose outside the cartridge.

The tape drive  is in a server that is on 24/7.  It was new when I bought
it, and never got a chance to really use it.

Anyone seen this kind or problem?  oh , it's a DDS2 type.

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On Fri, 30 Oct 1998, John Nemeth wrote:

> On Oct 28, 12:24pm, Sean Doran wrote:
> }
> } Um if we are redesigning backup stuff, I have a question.
> } 
> } Should backups be tape-focused, or considered a form of
> } remote long-term stable storage?
>      Tape, most definitely.  That is the most economical and reliable
> media on which to do backups.  Nothing else really makes sense.
> } Personally, the reasons I've used backups are, in order of frequency:
> } 
> } 	-- accidentally nuking a file that was important
> } 	-- needing back an old version of a file that has been unlinked
> }            in the past
> } 	-- moving files off a disk, repartitioning, and moving them back on
> } 	-- replacing a dying disk that tended to crash and corrupt files
> } 	   with all the fun of figuring out which files were corrupted
> } 
> } finding older versions of files fast is nice.   A colleague and I
> } have been spoiled by IBM's ADSM for a while, and so mostly are
> } looking at ways to make backups to a large RAID array, which then
>      This is about the most expensive way of doing it.  It also isn't
> very reliable in the grand scheme of things (consider what would
> happen if there was a fire in your machine room; RAID arrays aren't
> very amenable to off-site storage).
> }-- End of excerpt from Sean Doran