Subject: current ld problem?
To: None <>
From: Thorsten Frueauf <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/30/1998 16:04:21

Since the last ld fix I see the following with e.g. top:

[frueauf@cyberlap]/home/frueauf> top
/usr/libexec/ symbol __sys_errlist at 0x400a50f4 in /usr/lib/ changed size: expected 320, actual 0
/usr/libexec/ symbol __sys_nerr at 0x4007f7bc in /usr/lib/ changed size: expected 4, actual 0

I tried to recompile it, but still:

cc -o top top.o commands.o display.o screen.o username.o  utils.o version.o getopt.o machine.o -ltermcap -lm -lkvm
ld: utils.o: RRS text relocation at 0x56c9 for "__sys_errlist"
ld: utils.o: RRS text relocation at 0x56c0 for "__sys_nerr"

Most binaries work just fine, but e.g. xrn is another program that
shows this message.

This is on NetBSD/i386 running current from 28.10.1998 sources with current

Any hints? Thanx in advance!