Subject: RE: Booting CATS Board
To: 'David Feustel' <>
From: Edwin Foo <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/29/1998 11:09:46
I finally got my CATS up and running using what other people told me on the
list -- here's what I learned:

Extract the netbsd directory first, then extract the Chalice directory on
top of it. That will produce a working NetBSD tree. You might want to copy
the precompiled packages on there too to save yourself some time (I had a
few problems getting network support to work at first, due to my network,
not the CATS).

Then, copy that entire tree onto a hard disk (under NetBSD from some other
platform), make sure it's formatted as FFS. You don't need to put bootblocks
on there (at least, I had no problems when I didn't).

Take the hard disk out of the host system and hook it up to the CATS board,
and it ought to be able to boot fine, assuming you left the files as they
are and didn't modify anything.

I don't think the firmware knows how to boot off of SCSI controllers, and
therefore CDROMs (or even ATAPI) yet. But I could be wrong. I did get a
netboot working though, a la Shark..

If you find sources for uHAL and Angel ported to this board, let me know -
I'm also looking for those, but emails to both Chalice and SimTec haven't
gotten any reply. I imagine it's due to the move.