Subject: Amiga port switched to UVM
To: None <,>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/29/1998 00:18:03

I'd like to announce that NetBSD/Amiga has switched over to the
new UVM virtual memory system.  UVM is a complete rewrite of the
NetBSD virtual memory system, and has proven to be a much better
performer than the Mach VM system.  UVM also supports advanced
features such as page loanout, and is being used in the development
of a unified buffer and page cache for NetBSD.

Hats off to all the folks who worked on UVM to make it happen:
first and foremost, Chuck Cranor, who designed and implemented UVM,
Matthew Green, who handled integration issues and wrote the swap
subsystem, and Chuck Silvers, who wrote the anonymous memory pager
(which added support for shared memory).  (And anyone else I might
have forgotten; please point out if I have!)

The Amiga UVM integration was done by Michael Hitch a couple of
weeks ago; I merely switched the default.

This change was done to NetBSD-current, the public developer version
of NetBSD. The first formal release of NetBSD/Amiga to have UVM
will be 1.4.

Upgrade instructions to users of NetBSD/Amiga-current:

You'll need to re-configure and recompile your kernel and to
recompile libkvm and programs using libkvm (e.g. ps, systat) at
least. If you run UVM kernels with non-UVM aware programs, some
programs requesting information from the kernel won't work (while
the system stays usable otherwise).

Please direct any questions about UVM to If
you have questions specific to UVM on Amiga and DraCo machines,
please send them to
If you have questions about UVM on Motorola 68k platforms in general,
please send them to

	Ignatios Souvatzis