Subject: NAT Questions
To: None <>
From: Rick Byers <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/28/1998 17:54:23
Hi, I have a few questions regarding NAT support in NetBSD.
I have NetBSD 1.3.2/i386 installed on an old 386.  I've been reading the
FAQs/man pages etc.. about IPF and NAT and there are a few things I'm not
sure about.  

What version of IPFilter is in NetBSD 1.3.2?  The IPFilter homepage
mentions some capabilities of the current version (3.2.9) that I would
like to have (traceroute support, ftp proxying etc..). 

Also, the examples in /usr/share/examples/ipf say for ipfilter 3.2 and
mention the "proxy" option, but the manpage says nothing about a "proxy"
option, so I am left confused as to it's exact function (I would like an
FTP proxy). 

Is there anyway for the NAT to support traceroute and ping over one REAL
ip?  Obviously it would require some trickery since there is no notion
(that I know of) of ICMP ports.  

>From what I understand, the GATEWAY option must be left in the kernel
unless "fastroute" is used (fastroute isn't described in the ipnat.conf
manpage).  I've heard that fastroute isn't entirely stable.  Seeing as
this machine has limited CPU time and memory, should I be using fastroute
or the kernel gateway?

Finally, how much has changed from 1.3.2 to current as far as nat?  I
wasn't planning on running current (as this machine takes WAY too long to
compile a kernel, let alone userland), but I could use a snapshot if the
nat functionality is better.