Subject: Re: RAID Question,
To: Chris Jones <>
From: Matthew Jacob <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/28/1998 11:21:59
Yes, Ames has some of these too. I've been having some problems
with them- but it's not clear what the actual problem sources

+ The batteries don't seem to stay charged (controls how
much writeback to do

+ We supposedly have the differential version. The termination for
the host config doesn't stay set.

+ Writes get (SCSI) parity errors.

I'm trying to sort this out. One issue is the Adaptec sends
an IGNORE WIDE RESIDUE message which the AIC driver doesn't grok.

If one sorts this all out- they *do* look like a nice choice
unless you want to do software raid.

On 28 Oct 1998, Chris Jones wrote:

> We've got an Adaptec AEC-4412B here.  We just received it, so I
> haven't had much chance to play with it, but it appears to be a really
> nice piece of equipment.  It's not a RAID controller card; it's an
> external device, with three SCSI interfaces:  one for the host and two
> for disks.  It's configurable via buttons on the front panel or by a
> serial cable that speaks VT100.  It'll do RAID 0, 1, 0/1, 5, and
> either 3 or 4; I don't remember which.  I think we paid about $1800
> for it.
> Chris
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