Subject: TCP NFS mounts of swap/root ?
To: None <>
From: Sean Doran <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/28/1998 18:13:14
Hi -

  I have a little AlphaStation 200 which for the time being (a couple
of days) is diskless and has only 16MB of memory.  I was very
surprised to find that it is actually usable (I've built a non-GENERIC
kernel and some pkgsrc things like ssh) despite that, although I've
run into a couple little gotchas involving paging deadlocks and
panics because pages are unavailable after five tries.

  If anyone's interested, I can supply dmesg output and the like.

  Playing around, though, revealed a kinky requirement and I don't
know if it can be met -- can I do NFS over TCP for the root
partition and the swap partition?  I tried specifying a -T in
the fstab (I also supply nfsmntpt=/swap, which is neat), but had
no luck.

P.S.: I do have an external 1GB Jaz drive which doesn't seem to like
      to talk to the NCR SCSI controller, but it's been fickle talking
to other things too, and may just be bad.  On the other hand maybe
it's an old firmware problem?  (I upgraded SRM to 6.8 successfully, but
had no luck with the 1.4 pci upgrade.)