Subject: using SANE w/ parallel port scanner
To: None <>
From: David W. Talmage <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/26/1998 15:25:18
If you've managed to make sane-0.74 work with your parallel port scanner, I'd 
like to hear from you.  I've been trying to make xscanimage work with my 
Microtek V310 scanner.  All I can make it do is complain "Failed to open 
device `microtek2:/dev/lpt0': Invalid argument."  I've tried using "microtek" 
in place of "microtek2" and "lpa0" in place of "lpt0".  In all combinations, I 
get a comparable error message.  This happens whether I run xscanimage as 
myself or as root.

Clearly, I've not configured something but I don't know what.  The 
documentation is helpful but biased toward Linux.  I don't even know what to 
call the scanner device file or how to build it.


David Talmage