Subject: Problems with the latest Mozilla...
To: None <,>
From: Brian Stark <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/23/1998 10:13:04

Has anyone been able to get the 10/08/1998 version of Mozilla to run on
either 1.3.2 or a current system? It crashes on my system when I try to do
anything in the mozilla window and when I tried to run mozilla using gdb,
my system "froze". If you don't use or care about Mozilla on NetBSD,
please skip the rest of this...

I downloaded the source yesterday and and followed the instructions for 
setting up the build environment. The first thing I noticed is that it
does not compile on NetBSD 1.3.2/i386.

I poked around a little and set BUILD_OPT=1 (debug disabled) and by making
modifications to _netbsd.h, and xfe/Makefile (diffs are attached
below) I was finally able to get mozilla to compile (NOTE: I checked
another build I did last night with BUILD_OPT unset (debug enabled) and
Mozilla does not compile).

When I attempt to run the program, the initial display comes up and as
soon as I press a mouse button or enter a character in the mozilla window 
I see the message "Memory fault" and the mozilla window disappears. I
could not find any coredumps to examine.

The next thing I did was to try to run mozilla in gdb. Like I already
mentioned, my system just froze and then to recover I was forced to reboot
my machine (it is a stand alone system so I could not try to telnet into

All of this leaves me with some questions:

  * It seems apparent that the changes that have to be made to the 
    Mozilla build files are not making it back to the Mozilla developers.
    What is the best way to handle this? Have individual NetBSD users send
    them to the Mozilla developers, or rely on the person who created the
    Mozilla package for NetBSD to do this?

  * Why does my system freeze when I try to run mozilla using gdb? I have
    a Dell Pentium system with 128MB RAM and 128MB swap space. Lesstif
    version 0.85.6 is installed. I should not be having this problem.



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Differences for file _netbsd.h:
< #define _PR_NO_LARGE_FILES

Differences for file

Differences for xfe/Makefile:
< BASIC_DSOS    += -L$(DIST)/lib -lplds21 -lplc21 -lnspr21
> BASIC_DSOS    += -lplds21 -lplc21 -lnspr21