Subject: re: Looking to make a Sparc bootable cdrom, any instructions?
To: matthew green , Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/21/1998 09:36:05
	Thanks for the tip.  Could you point me at the mksunboot program
itself and, perhaps, some typescripts of how it's used?  

On Oct 21,  8:50pm, matthew green wrote:
} Subject: re: Looking to make a Sparc bootable cdrom, any instructions?
} making bootable SPARC & sun3 cdroms is fairly simple.  here's the scoop:
} the prom treats the cdrom like a normal disk device, so you must provide
} a valid sun disklabel on the cdrom, in the normal spot.  it does the
} normal "boot" thing here too -- given a partition, load the first few
} sectors, and run it.  the prom has some "smarts" about what partition it
} will load by default from a cdrom.  eg, partition b is for sun4, c for
} sun4c, etc.  this includes sun3 & sun3x support.  the ultras have a
} smarter method that involves a data file on the disk.
} so what you need to do is:
} 	- create an "almost" full iso9660 image of whatever you want
} 	  to put on the cd (i've used the NetBSD 1.3.2 tree for this).
} 	- get a bootable (floppy) image
} 	- rewrite the iso image with (a) a sun disklabel at the start,
} 	  (b) the image at the end, and (c) with the right offset/size
} 	  values in the disklabel for the bootloader.
} i've done this and it isn't hard.  ignatious souvatzis wrote a program
} called mksunbootcd that i've hacked on a bit that does all the above
} for you:
} 	Usage: mksunbootcd [-v] [-c cylsize] cdimage part1 part2...
} it rewrites the `cdimage' file, so don't run it multiple times.
} (BTW, this is how the sunos4 cdroms work.  the solaris 2 ones put
} a UFS filesystem in place, rather than an iso one, and boot directly
} from the cdrom, rather than via a special kernel).
>-- End of excerpt from matthew green