Subject: Re: Partition tables (was: Re: Another changer, another changer
To: Michael C. Richardson <>
From: David Holland <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/19/1998 16:56:31
 >   David's suggestion is rather similar to mouse's suggestion.
 >   The only question I have is: how do I wire down disks in this situation.
 > Can I do it easily? I must say that I like this...

Presumably the default config would contain something like

fdisk* at sd*
fdisk* at wd*
dk* at sd*
dk* at wd*
dk* at fdisk*

so if you wanted to wire down it would be easy to say

fdisk0 at sd5
fdisk1 at wd0

or whatever. 

Is it too confusing to have attach report "fdisk1 at wd0" if that
actually means /dev/fdisk[4-7]? Probably. This should be a
surmountable problem though.

OTOH if it was done as a filesystem instead of a set of drivers, you'd
wire it down in fstab, and in fact the challenge would be figuring out
a good way to *not* have to wire it down.

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