Subject: Re: X11 on i386
To: None <>
From: Space Case <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/18/1998 20:17:00
On Oct 18, 12:15pm, "John F. Woods" wrote:
>I have a new system I'm trying to set up, and I'm also seeing random lockups
>using X with such a chip (SVGA driver).  I know it's not the getty issue
>because (a) I've copied my system configuration files over from my old box,
>which has been running quite happily since NetBSD 0.8 ;-), and (b) the system
>does not respond to ping.  Note:  I have DDB *disabled*, which means the
>system has not panicked (it should core dump and reboot, but it just wedges).

I had the same thing happening -- system just wedges solid.  This is with
an egcs-built system.  After I rebuilt the system (but not X) with gcc, I
haven't had a wedge since.  My hardware:

  TX-Pro MB with 233MHz K6
  Genoa Phantom with S3/VirgeDX  res: 1024x768 @ 16bit


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