Subject: Re: X11 on i386
To: Adam Ciarcinski <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/18/1998 12:15:16
> X still hangs up from time to time.  Usually when the CPU is quite busy
> (e.g. when I complie something).
> To Space Case:  I stopped using KDE since it's buggy.  I havn't tried
> kpanel yet.
> To Dave Sainty: I only use XF86_SVGA for now, so it's not a bug in
> XF86_S3V.

I assume you've got an S3Virge chip, then.

I have a new system I'm trying to set up, and I'm also seeing random lockups
using X with such a chip (SVGA driver).  I know it's not the getty issue
because (a) I've copied my system configuration files over from my old box,
which has been running quite happily since NetBSD 0.8 ;-), and (b) the system
does not respond to ping.  Note:  I have DDB *disabled*, which means the
system has not panicked (it should core dump and reboot, but it just wedges).

I have only been seeing this problem with high-color modes, but that's with
fairly light loads (like an "ls").  Perhaps it's just waiting for a high
enough load to lock up in 8-bit mode as well.

Is your graphic card an AGP card?  The XF86 documentation (such as it is)
does warn that AGP has been tested on only a few chipsets, which does not
include the S3 chips.  I really ought to get around to sending in a bug
report to see if this is a plausible symptom of a bug in XF86, or if it's
some kind of motherboard problem (QS440BX by BMC Advanced Research)...
(I'm running -current as of about 4 days ago.)