Subject: Re: SSH 2.0 license; looks like 2.0 won't allow non-education use
To: Rob Healey <>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/12/1998 22:46:54
On Mon, Oct 12, 1998 at 11:08:22AM -0500, Rob Healey wrote:

> 	Has anybody taken a close look at the SSH 2.0 license? In a nutshell
> 	it appears that unless you are a student at a University the public 
> 	source use is prohibited; i.e. you have to get the commercial version.

I can't seem to find the URL at the moment, but there's a project whose
purpose is the creation of a GPL'd (I believe) implementation of the ssh
protocol. An independent implementation is required if ssh is to be a
"standard," at any rate.

The GNU task list page lists this as a project to be done, but gives no
pointers to the existing work-in-progress. Hm.

I'd love to see and use a free equivalent to ssh, and it looks like one
will exist before too horribly long.

Mason Loring
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