Subject: Re: Another changer, another changer problem
To: NetBSD-current Discussion List <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/08/1998 21:24:47
In message <>, Greg A. Woods writes:
>	4 32-bit PCI slots 
>	1 Asus MediaBus (Revision 2.0) Slot. 
>	3 16-Bit ISA Slots. 


A "MediaBus" slot is a PCI slot and an ISA slot in one position.

5 PCI slots, 4 ISA slots, but one overlap.

I've found lots of boards with at least 5 PCI slots, and someone was
mentioning having one with *8*.

>This is why I keep alluding to moving to sparse data structures to
>define the device configuration space...

I'd like to argue in favor of sparse data structures of some sort.