Subject: Re: NCR SCSI Driver Woes
To: Brett Lymn <>
From: Michael C. Richardson <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/06/1998 23:27:04
>>>>> "Brett" == Brett Lymn <> writes:
    Brett> According to Oliver Fross:
    >>  This makes any additional drives unusable, which really is a bummer.
    >> Any time I try to talk to them, I get the following error:
    >> disklabel: /dev/rsd4d: Input/output error

    Brett> I know that you said it's not termination BUT - check the
    Brett> termination ;-) Check every drive in the chain has the terminators
    Brett> disabled on it - modern drives are sneaky and it is very easy to

  Sorry, I was adding a drive in the *middle* of the chain. The last
drive is terminated. It had to be, since it was the first drive installed.
  Now, if you think my SCA drive has terminated itself without my aid, 
then I might believe that. However, then, it should have worked just fine
as the only drive on a wide chain on my NCR after I'd moved everything 
else to a 2940.

    Brett> The other thing to check is that the drive spin up on power up.
    Brett> If the drives have a delayed spin up then they may not be up &
    Brett> ready when the probe comes along.  Normally the amount of delay is
    Brett> dependent on the scsi id so the higher numbered disks are more
    Brett> likely to not be ready.

  My NCR bios actually will wait until all drives spin up before going
on to boot from them.

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