Subject: Re: Another changer, another changer problem
To: NetBSD-current Discussion List <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/05/1998 23:41:42
On Mon, Oct 05, 1998 at 09:12:35PM -0400, Greg A. Woods wrote:
> [ On Mon, October 5, 1998 at 14:02:57 (-0700), Bill Studenmund wrote: ]
> > Actually, the "dev" number is motherboard-specific. It's a function of how
> > the motherboard (well, the host-PCI chipset) deals with configuration
> > space writes and how the board is wired. When you access a configuration
> > register, part of the address is decoded using a wire which is fed
> > directly to the chip/card.

Mental note: keep a generic kernel in / to boot off convieniently if/when
PCI slot and/or scsi card go bad, need to be moved due to space considerations
in the case, conflict with IRQ needed for another card...

> Hmm...  Too bad the Sys Admin Guide's configuration chapter is way out
> of date and not included in /usr/share/doc.  It could discuss all these
> issues, give examples of how to wire things down, and so on.

Currently, the requirement to build a kernel for each change makes the
whole wiring down suggestion echo around here a bit troublesome. It
would be more practical when we have a boot time method for changing IRQ,
IO, DMA, dev, etc....

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