Subject: Re: Ide patches update
To: None <,>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/05/1998 10:54:01
On Oct 4, Manuel Bouyer wrote
> Hi,
> I've updated the IDE patches with the last changes to the bouyer-ide branch.
> As usual, patches for 1.3.2 are in
> (nothing changed in the
> diff file, you just need to extract the tar-file and recompile), patches for
> -current are in
> [...]

First bug found :). This is for generic PCI controllers with DMA support.
The driver would improprely reset the drive to DMA mode 0, which would
make it hang if the controller is configured for something else.
I fixed this and updated the files on the ftp server.
Only the files ata/ata_wdc.c, ic/wdc.c, ic/wdcvar.h, scsipi/atapi_wdc.c
and pci/pciide.c have changed in the tar archives.

Manuel Bouyer, LIP6, Universite Paris VI.