Subject: Re: undef symbol '___builtin_vec_delete' in groff.
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Todd Whitesel <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/04/1998 16:58:38
> : To simply reinstall libgcc at this point would trash my current system!
> You need to reCOMPILE and reinstall libgcc.
>             ^^^^^^^^^

A simple "make clean ; make && make install" in gnu/lib/libgcc was NOT enough.

I tried many variations of making and installing stuff in various orders and
nothing worked, so I bit the bullet and ran "make build" without DESTDIR set.

That cleared it up. I'd say DESTDIR contains some loose shards of crockery...

> The build process even tells you this both when compiling libgcc and at the
> end of the build.  It seems that egcs was installed partway through a build,
> or as an individual part of the build instead of as part of a global make
> install.

Something like that. That was one of the things I tried.

Todd Whitesel
toddpw @