Subject: Help needed: elink3 experts out there?
To: None <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/04/1998 09:21:31
Are there any elink3 experts out there?

As I reported, the ep driver in -current is not working with my new EISA
3Com 3c597 card. After adding some printf's I got this picture of the failure

The interface get's it's new inet address and tries to send an arp broadcast
(which happens to be the first packet to be transmitted with the driver).
arp_ifinit calls epstart, which puts out the contents of the mbuf, then
finds an RX undrun condition and calls epreset, which in turn calls epstop.

At the beginning of epstop there is an endless loop waiting for the card
to be out of state "command in progress". This loop is never terminated
in my case, so the packet transmit never finishes.

My card is configured by the DOS utility to always use 10baseT (for now),
and the ifmedia agrees with this. The light on the HUB the card is connected
is off, so the 10baseT port is not activated by the driver.

Thus the transmit command can't be executed ;-)

The hardware is fine, the DOS diagnostic software is able to transmit packets
and the light on the HUB turns on then.

Any hints? Shouldn't the endless loop in epstop be guarded by some watchdog
counter, just for cases like this? Why does the driver fail to activate
the port?