Subject: Re: Ensoniq PCI
To: Andreas Gustafsson <>
From: Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/02/1998 08:37:38
Andreas Gustafsson writes:
> You probably have a "Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI", which counfusingly
> enough is not compatible with the Ensoniq AudioPCI.  

Ah. nasty.  Yes this is what I have.  The Creative (marketing) card.
Ironically the PCI64/PCI128 cards would have been easier to get. I
could have saved a two hr trip and only paid a few dollars more.

> I have read these data sheets.  These two chips are substantially
> different, and will most likely require separate drivers.

I did find a pair of linux drivers for both the es1370 and es1371 .
Much of the framework for the files is the same, with only 268 diffs
under emacs' ediff. ;-)

> The es1371 being an AC97 based chip has an on-chip digital sample rate
> converter, and the programming of this part of the chip is rather
> sparsely documented in the data sheet.  This may cause some problems
> for anyone attempting to write a driver based on the information in
> the data sheet alone.

I wonder what the deal is about not clocking the audio converters at
the desired sample rate directly.  Is this another attempt at keeping
folks from working with the 41.8khz CD audio sample rate directly?