Subject: Re: Ensoniq PCI
To: None <>
From: Andreas Gustafsson <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/02/1998 18:01:51
Wolfgang Rupprecht <> said:
> I noticed that netbsd-current had an Audio driver for the Ensoniq
> Audio PCI card, so I ran out to Central Computer and picked one up for
> $29.  Make a long story short, it appears that the card has gotten
> rev'ed and is now no longer based on an es1370 but an es1371.  I'm not
> yet sure what the differences are.

You probably have a "Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI", which counfusingly
enough is not compatible with the Ensoniq AudioPCI.  Creative does
also sell cards compatible with the Ensoniq AudioPCI, but those are
called "Creative SoundBlaster PCI64" and "Creative SoundBlaster

Some people, including me, are rather angry at Creative for this
blatant act of deliberately misleading marketing.  To add insult to
injury, they also give consumers the impression that the PCI64 and
PCI128 cards are capable of 64- and 128-voice music synthesis,
respectively, when in fact neither card does any synthesis at all in
hardware.  It's all done in software, and the the difference in
polyphony between the products is entirely due to being shipped with
different drivers.

> The specs are online, but they are
> zipped "word" documents and I don't have them decoded yet.  For the 
> curious:

I have read these data sheets.  These two chips are substantially
different, and will most likely require separate drivers.

The es1371 being an AC97 based chip has an on-chip digital sample rate
converter, and the programming of this part of the chip is rather
sparsely documented in the data sheet.  This may cause some problems
for anyone attempting to write a driver based on the information in
the data sheet alone.
Andreas Gustafsson,