Subject: Re: pmap_set & Archive Viper problems.
To: Bill Sommerfeld <>
From: Nigel Reed <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/30/1998 18:39:22
Ah, didn't think about that. Yeah, rstatd and friends were uncommented. I'll
comment those out and reboot later.

I've done a make clean and doing a new build to see that'll cure my
compiling problems.

Thanks for the hint.


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From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
To: Nigel Reed <>
Cc: <>
Date: Wednesday, September 30, 1998 04:23 PM
Subject: Re: pmap_set & Archive Viper problems.

>> Sep 29 17:26:58 c33947-c inetd[175]: pmap_set: 100001 1 17 65532: Bad
file descriptor
>This is usually the result of running inetd with Sun RPC services in
>/etc/inetd.conf without also running portmap.
> - Bill