Subject: Re: Version releases and current-freezes
To: Andrew McMurry <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/28/1998 08:02:40
> Where are announcements made about current freezes and upcoming
> version releases?
> I am subscribed to current-users, tech-kern, source-changes,
> port-arm32 and netbsd-announce and occasionally see references to the
> current version letter (eg 1.3G, 1.3H...), mini-freezes etc. but see
> no announcements of the letter changing or the mini- or not so mini-
> freezes happening.

As far as the freeze in pkgsrc, which has just ended, is concerned, it
was announced to the developer community in wax crayon on the walls of
their cells (it's generally all that they're allowed to use), and to
the people who are involved and interested in packages and
package-related things (on the tech-pkg mailing list).

I'll let someone else speak for the -current version letter changes,
but will simply say that they're not "releases" - they're simply a way
of denoting -current at that time.  I believe they're modified when an
external interface to the kernel changes, such as the introduction of