Subject: re: System configuration utility
To: David Forbes <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 09/26/1998 16:38:35
[system configuration tool]

>The web page is at    Thanks to Michael
>Graff for supplying the web space for this.  Currently, there's very
>little there, but I'll fix that over the next few days.
>Comments appreciated,

That all sounds really cool.  There was even less on the web page
right now than in your message, though: is that intentional?

Using ncurses may be a problem. As best I understand it (not very
well), ncurses is a package, not in our tree itself, so any
system-config tool based on ncurses would have to be a package, too.

Just personally, I think It'd be very nice if there was some way to
integrate the /etc/*.conf mechanisms you have into the existing
sysinst system-configuration tool, which already has tools to do basic
configuration needed for network (FTP, NFS) installs.
(or at the very least have consistent behaviour and defaults!)
But sysinst is based on its own menu/curses based tools. Ugh.

Also, the kernel-config tool sounds like it has a lot of overlap with
the tool Brett Lymn announced yesterday; have the two of you talked
about this all? 

It's hard to say more without seeing, or using, the code :)