Subject: System configuration utility
To: None <>
From: David Forbes <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/26/1998 15:40:01
Dear All,

Based on discussions earlier this summer (resulting from the kernel config
pages on flossy.fitz) I've now nearly finished a more general utility for
sorting out configurations.  I've yet to write the user interface, but all
the "interesting" bits are nearly in place, so I've set-up a brief web
page, which will (in the next few days, hopefully) have the source and a
couple of binaries.

The scope of this mini-project extends to complete configuration of a
NetBSD system, including building a custom kernel.  Main features
currently include:

* Config for major /etc/*.conf files

* Simple ncurses interface (with ability to add any number of different
user interfaces at a later date)

* Will spawn kernel build directly, using an arbitrary (or default)

* Will present capability to cross-build kernels (provided cross-tools

* Reads structure & available options from existing files => don't have
to keep updating the program when someone adds a new feature (in

The web page is at    Thanks to Michael
Graff for supplying the web space for this.  Currently, there's very
little there, but I'll fix that over the next few days.

Comments appreciated,

David Forbes.