Subject: This is crazy
To: None <>
From: Scott Ellis <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/25/1998 09:17:47
(This is likely on a lot of people's minds..I just happen to have a 
moment to actually write it...)  It's completely idiotic to have
the project flounder, and good people get too stressed out to contribute,
just because there is disagreement amongst core.  As a longtime NetBSD
user and advocate, it pains me to see key people (whom I'd come to
associate with many of the things I like about NetBSD) get fedup
and leave the project, since I know that it will mean even more work for
those who remain, and it will be increasingly likely that NetBSD as a whole
will slow down, and not achieve it's goals, and the widespread acceptance
it deserves.  I'm unclear about the particulars of core's organization, but
isn't there somebody who can make sure that the ideals of NetBSD are
maintained, and help cut out all the bickering and other foolishness?
Certainly the current group of core members has done a great job, and has
made NetBSD into a world class project, but it seems that lately there is
more effort put toward personality conflicts, than toward keeping NetBSD
on track.  Somebody needs to make sure the project doesn't get derailed
or stalled due to all the egos floating around.  As a user, that's what
_I_ want: progress, not bickering.
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