Subject: Re: file(1) licensing - was: Re: licensing flames...
To: Ian F. Darwin <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/24/1998 10:33:57
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 > Subject: file(1) licensing - was: Re: licensing flames...
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 > It would appear that somebody at and/or is afraid of 
 > somebody at OpenBSD having a better idea, and is blocking email 
 > originating from *

The NetBSD project is not 'blocking email originating from *'
per se.  The NetBSD project is blocking packets coming from 2 subnets
that have, in the past, caused problems.  For example:

        - someone at that site was sending abusive mail to our mailing
          lists and wouldn't stop.  You can see this by looking through
          our mail-archives at
        - complaints to the sysadmin yielded no help.
        - Complaints to the upstream provider were met with apathy.
        - we have evidence that someone from those networks was 
          attempting to break into NetBSD servers.

This is not a recent thing and was not done as a knee-jerk reaction. It
is also not uncommon as you'll see in the following references from 
the FreeBSD lists:

We're happy to hear from OpenBSD developers with technical commentary and

Further discussion on this topic should not go to ''.

Herb Peyerl
The NetBSD Project