Subject: Re: Add new ethernet adapter?
To: None <>
From: Paul Newhouse <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/21/1998 21:19:35
Space Case writes:

>On Sep 21,  6:47pm, wrote:
>>In message <>, Space Case writes:
>>>I gave up on it and went driving around to several computer stores.  The
>>>only thing I could find that was on the list of supported PCI devices was
>>>an Intel EtherExpress.  I got one, but it cost 3 times the other. :(
>>I've seen "Netgear" cards based on the DEC chipset for about $30.  The best
>>deal is probably to order 10packs of those on-line.  :)
>If I'd seen one of those, I woulda got it.  Even though there's a major
>software company nearby, computer stores in Seattle suck.

Check out "" (which is acutally I think).
They listed the NetGear FA310Tx (10/100 BaseTx NIC's DEC based chipset) at 
$26 each.

They also listed the SB104 package at $70.  That's 2 NIC's, 2 3meter cables and
a 4 port 100BaseT hub.