Subject: Re: Add new ethernet adapter?
To: None <>
From: Space Case <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/21/1998 17:10:42
On Sep 21,  6:47pm, wrote:
>In message <>, Space Case writes:
>>I gave up on it and went driving around to several computer stores.  The
>>only thing I could find that was on the list of supported PCI devices was
>>an Intel EtherExpress.  I got one, but it cost 3 times the other. :(
>I've seen "Netgear" cards based on the DEC chipset for about $30.  The best
>deal is probably to order 10packs of those on-line.  :)

If I'd seen one of those, I woulda got it.  Even though there's a major
software company nearby, computer stores in Seattle suck.

>>I tried to see if it would do an emulation, and it wouldn't.  Not sure
>>what to do with it now...
>Throw it in a Windows box and use it to play Quake.

The only WinBlows box that will be around here will be my son's, and
that will be a dual-boot to NetBSD, so it won't be useful there....
If someone seriously wanted to write a driver for it, I'd be willing
to entertain a loan/donation of it.  (After all, it only cost $20
after rebate.)


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