Subject: Build problems with the 9/19/98 tar_files
To: None <>
From: Paul M. Newhouse <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/20/1998 02:30:55
Platform i386:

I scrubbed the src directory first,
unpacked the tar_files, did:

  cd /usr/src
  (cd share/mk && make install)
  make includes
  cd sys/arch/i386/conf
  <slightly modify GENERIC ->PIMIN>
  config PIMIN
  cd ../compile/PIMIN
  make depend && make	# seems to work
  cd /usr/src
  make build

and get:

  depend ===> csu
  depend ===> csu/i386
  depend ===> csu/c++
  depend ===> libarch
  depend ===> libarch/i386
  mkdep -a i386_get_ldt.c i386_set_ldt.c i386_iopl.c i386_get_ioperm.c i386_set_ioperm.c i386_vm86.c
  depend ===> libbz2
  mkdep -a blocksort.c huffman.c crctable.c randtable.c compress.c decompress.c bzlib.c
  depend ===> libc
  creating LintSysNormal.c
  syscall sigaction not found!
  *** Error code 1

Did I forget something?  Should I have pre-built something?