Subject: Re: Stupid question time. Safely going from 1.3.2 -> current
To: Nigel Reed <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/17/1998 18:27:29
"Nigel Reed" <> writes:

> A couple of questions...
> First, I'm wanting to upgrade to the current kernel (and keep everything
> working!). I understand that it is best to get the latest source for bin,
> usr.sbin etc...etc... but is there a recommended order for compiling?
> Ie...kernel first, then the OS programs...and maybe gcc last, or do I
> upgrade to egcs first and then compile? Which would be best?

I went through a mess to get this to work on a new computer I bought,
but most of that was switching from gcc to egcs.

Basically, following the standard steps of
	o compile and install a new kernel,
	o compile and install most build-time tools (lex, yacc, gas,
	  ld, etc),
	o build the system until it break, fix it, repeat

> Second, I also know I need to change the identifier from 165 to 169 and know
> how to do this via an old email in the list archives, but is there a
> document which explains all these little things without having to go back
> over months worth of current-users mailing list to find out everything I may
> need to have done?

It's not too bad.

	o build and install a new kernel, with old boot block support.

	o reboot (to make certain the kernel works)

	o build and install the new boot blocks.  These should have
	  the support for both new and old partition IDs in there.

	o set the partition ID via fdisk -u wd0 (or sd0, or whatever)
	  to 169.

Happy hacking.