Subject: Re: /kern/kernel
To: NetBSD-current Discussion List <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/16/1998 23:45:18
[ On Wed, September 16, 1998 at 00:52:24 (-0700), Gandhi woulda smacked you wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: /kern/kernel
> /dev/root and /dev/rroot were originally hard-links to the "real"
> devices under SVRx (0 <= x < 4).  How they got there, I'm not sure,
> but ls -l showed them to have the exact same major and minor numbers
> as the disk and partition (if possible) from whence they were booted.
> SCO's implementation must be much more bloa\aolb/slick than that.

Perhaps my wetware memory is faulty.  It may have been the install that
created them as hard links.

Actually though, on true blue AT&T SysVr2 and SysVr3 (i.e. for the VAX
and 3b2's), I don't think there were any /dev/*root until SysVr3.2 when
some of the Xenix compatability package from the i386 port of SysVr3.0
was merged back into the main-line tree.

If we hadn't just moved I could go down and power up my 3b2/500 to
check, but it's currently in many pieces and they are spread between the
basement and the garage and are awaiting resurrection.

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