Subject: Re: road map for new immigrants?
To: None <>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/15/1998 11:37:31
Richard Earnshaw wrote:
> Just in case people have forgotten, this directory is supposed to contain 
> code that can't be exported from the US because it contains 
> export-restricted cryptography code and the like.  The domestic source 
> isn't even kept on most of the ftp mirrors for this reason.  I can see no 
> reason why it should contain the main entry points for bootstrapping the 
> source tree.

AFAIK, it doesn't contain 'the main entry points for bootstrapping'.  If
you have no domestic directory, the source tree will build without it.  If,
however, you do have a domestic directory, and try to upgrade from 1.3 to
-current (and possibly other cases), it appears that you will run into this
problem when upgrading the binaries that are built from the domestic tree.

> No wonder I've found it such a pain to try and get things bootstrapped.

What problem are/were you having?  I've gone from 1.3.2 to -current (June
sometime) and then to -current (Sep 05) without major problems on an Atari
(without domestic).


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